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Roald Dahl


Some of my favourite books are by Roald Dahl, I particularly love Matilda (Does the picture give it away?).

What is your favourite Roald Dahl story and why?




  1. Mrs lamond if you didnt get some of the roald dahl books (the missing ones) can you get them?

  2. My favourite is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, such a good story! I must have read it a hundred times, it never gets boring!

  3. My favourite character is George from George’s marvelous medicine . I like George because he makes four medicines. He’s also very clever.

  4. Hi Mrs Lammond!!!!

  5. Hi Mrs lamond 😎
    My favourite Roald Dahl book is Matilda
    Please could you get that book
    Thank you😎

  6. My FAVOURITE Roald Dahl book is easily ….. (guess from what I wrote what my FAVOURITE is) 👦🏻🐀🔮 Below is the answer.

    The Witches

  7. Hello miss lamond did you like your Christmas card merry Christmas and a happy new year you are the best head teacher in the hole wide world

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